karin amann

How artificial intelligence and machine learning will transform accounting

I'm pretty excited about the future of accounting software!  (Did I REALLY just say that?!!!)  Yes, it's true!  Think about how Siri and Google have really changed the way we work (for me...  it has been significant).  Xero wants to provide us accounting software that knows what we are want to do... before we even start typing.  I'm already extremely impressed with the efficiencies I see running my client's books (AND my own) through Xero's accounting software... and I am really looking forward to how they intend to anticipate how I will run my books. 

If you've been curious about this "Xero" company you've been hearing about, please contact me.  I spent a couple of years testing it against QuickBooks, and love it enough to become a Partner and Trusted Advisor with them.  I'd love to help you see if they would provide a good fit for you and your small business.  (530) 417-3810Karin Amann

See the following link for an article about how Xero intends to transform accounting using artificial intelligence and machine learning: